Ailent/安捷伦 10073C 探头
  • Ailent/安捷伦 10073C 探头


可售卖地全国 实际价格来电面议 加工定制 品牌10073C

Ailent/安捷伦 10073C 探头

 Bandwidth: 500 MHz

System risetime (calculated): <700 ps

Attenuation Ratio: 10:1

Input resistance: 2.2 MΩ (when terminated into 1 MOhm)

The Ailent 10073C passive probe is our most rued 500 MHz probe. With a 10:1 attenuation ratio and hih 2.2 M ohm input impedance, it is ideal as a eneral purpose, hih bandwidth passive probe for the Ailent 300 MHz - 1 Hz 6000 series, 7000, 8000 and 9000 Series oscilloscopes. The probe identification feature automatically confiures the oscilloscope for the probe attenuation.

The followin accessories are included: retractable hook tip; orane, white, e and reen identification tas; round bayonet, IC probin tip, adjustment tool and an alliator clip round lead.

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